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RARE CHICAGO FEST version ONLY! Sprint Pokemon GO FEST Trainer Badge 40


Location: Ingleside, Illinois

Shipping: $2.99

Time Left: Expired


What you’re getting: ACTUAL GENUINE POKEMON GO FEST Trainer Badge #40 Event Venue: Grant Park, Illinois, July 22, 2017 Condition: Mint/Excellent Auctions/Buy It Now: Please check out my other Go Fest badges available Pokemon Go Fest badges vs. Sprint Store versions: Take a look at the cover over the badge. If the printed badge on the cover is elevated, it is the Sprint store version produced in mass. (You can also look at the back of the same cover and see the actual ‘imprint’ more easily.) If the cover of the badge is smooth, these badges were from the actual Go Fest event. There was NO other version printed for the event. If you’re a collector you will realize the Go Fest version is much more rare than the Sprint store version (which most other sellers are selling on eBay). See pic of '40 badge' above to help understand exactly where to look. Descriptions: You will notice other sellers with badges cannot put ‘Go Fest’ in their description because they have the store versions. They typically put ‘Go Badge’ instead. Of course, some still put ‘Go Fest’ when they’re blatantly not. You can collect both the FEST and RETAIL versions for your collection, but be aware the actual FEST badges are far more rare! Shipping: 2-3 Days. I will send badges in a bubble envelope as a ‘package’. Not regular mail. All packages have tracking. International: I’m not opposed shipping to other countries, but please reach out to me with your location and I will get a quote on shipping before your purchase. Happy shopping! Feel free to email me through eBay with questions

  • All returns accepted: ReturnsNotAccepted
  • Type: Pokemon Go Fest Trainer Badge 7/22
  • Venue State/Province: IL
  • Venue City: Chicago
  • Event Date: 20170722