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Repair Service For Iphone 6 Plus Touch IC Disease, no touch and grey bars,READ


Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 28d 19h 53m


Please don't send phones that you have worked on before or put tape on the touch ic or under the connectors's plate or damaged the connector, don't send phone that you tempered with before or have water damage, I will not fix that and there will be NO REFUND and by reading this you agree not to open case or leave negative feedback if I refused your phone due to previous repair attempts, water damage or any kind of tempering. you must send the full phone, I do not accept motherboards anymore and must provide the password of the phone if there any. Best offer is for big quantities only! This is repair service for iphone 6 plus touch ic, turnaround time is 1-3 days symptoms: your phone stopped responding to touch or has grey bars on the top of the screen. After paying for this service I will provide you with the shipping address, please wrap your phone carefully and use small box or padded envelope, please don't use big boxes and dont send cases or the original box with the phone. we are not responsible for any damage or loss may happen to your phone during shipping, please buy it accordingly. A positive feedback required within 3 days of receiving your phone to activate 60 days warranty, I will leave you feedback after I receive yours. Frequently asked questions:1-Do you reflow the touch ic?The reflow is not a repair and may work for hours or couple days only, I do full repair including micro jumper under the touch ic.2-Are you going to install metal shield?No, because this will not help with anything.3-What is the success rate on this repair?It should be 100% unless there was previous repair attempts on your phone or any kind of tempering4-Do you replace the touch ic or reball it?If the touch ic still good there is no need to replace it, I just reball it and put it back and if it was bad I replace it with new one.5-what kind of warranty you offer?I offer 60 days warranty on the repair6-Do you offer refund if the problem was not from the touch ic?There is no refund on this service, you have to be sure that your phone problem is the touch ic not something else like bad screen or damaged connector.7-Are you going to pay some money if the phone got lost or damaged in mail?No and I'm not responsible for any damage or loss may happen to your phone during transportation, please buy it accordingly.