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DELL Venue Pro 8 5830 Micro usb charging port replacment service


Location: Redmond, Oregon

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 21d 21h 30m


Details below photos, Please Read! How do I use this service? Step 1: Purchase repair service. Step 2: Package your Dell safely and mail your device to us at the listed address Please be sure to include your eBay username with the device. Shipping to me is your responsibility. Step 3: After your Dell Pro arrives we will perform the repairs and perform a full charge and sync test. A replacement port is included in the price Step 4: Your Dell Pro will then be shipped back to you the very same day it is repaired! So keep a look out for your (order update) email from eBay. That's it! There are no additional or hidden fees. Most devices are repaired and shipped back within 24 hours after we receive them, If other issues with your device are discovered, we will contact you with information about additional repairs. Return shipping is FREE! PLEASE SHIP TOMYdeviceRepair 915 SW Rimrock way suite 201-108 Redmond OR, 97756 RETURN SHIPPING DETAILS Ships back *FREE* Insured USPS priority mail. Shipping to us is not covered the best way is to ship it is the Priority MailĀ® online. Please note that you must protect device when shipped. Please use a box with something like bubble wrap. Payment With eBay checkout or cash in hand for locals. This service is for the repair of your DELL Venue Pro 8 Tablet charge/sync port that has been physically broken or not functioning properly. This repair service includes free shipping back to you and a new port. Please note the micro-A socket in (pic 2 above) is used in most venue pro devices. I have the Micro-B (newer venue tablets use it) that fits your tablet, I would like to use them because they stop the upside-down insertion of the charger.(pic1 ABOVE) If you want me to only use a Micro-A port (old oem kind pic 3) then let me know. All micro USB chargers and cables use the newer type of cord NO TYPE A CORD WAS EVER MADE. Please do this with a note in with device not a message. Thank You I work at a station with all ESD safe tools, irons and equipment! Not on my kitchen table! We use lead free hi-temp silver solder for a better hold and stronger port attachment along with my almost 20 years of electric repair means that your device is safe in our hand and leads to the best success rate! Some helpful hints before you buy this service (We want to save to the trouble and expense of buying this service if your USB port isn't broken!)Try charging the device with a different charger. A bad charger can mimic a bad charge port very closely.If the device overheats, or says it's charging but doesn't seem to take a charge, it's probably not the USB port (might be a bad battery or charger)If the battery charges, but then dies quickly, you probably have a bad battery, not a bad charge port.If your device is exhibiting other strange behavior, feel free to message me with a question about this listing and I will be glad to help you diagnose the problem, and let you know if I can help! THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME AND READING THE FULL LISTING. Click Here to see my other auctions