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READ THIS THOROUGHLY. This is a service and not a product, thus there is no physical item to ship.I guarantee that the password that I will give you will work for your specific laptop although I will try my best to make sure that it will. This purchase requires you to send me the serial/tag number of the laptop.In the event of the serial number not working, please take a picture of the error screen and contact me to issue a refund.I cannot randomly generate a password for you, this absolutely requires on me having your serial number.Do not expect me to randomly send you one after purchasing if you do not send me your serial number. This does not work for harddrive passwords. if you have Hard drive password too you need to ask us. Supported Serial Number Suffixes: 1F5A3A5B FAQ:Q: How do I get my Serial Number?Upon immediately turning on your laptop, Try pressing F2 or the designated key that will allow you to get into your BIOS Interface. Once the interface is up, typically on the bottom right of the screen there should be a button that says "unlock". Once another dialogue pops up you should have a System Number/Serial Number.Please include it with your purchase or I will not be able to get the password for it. Q: How do I enter the serial number?The password I will return to you is Case Sensitive. Please make sure that you are entering it as seen in my reply and that you to press both keys the CTRL and Enter/Return to validate. Disclaimer: only the buyer is held responsible if he don't follow the instructions!