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Apple IPHONE 6S & 6S+ Plus Digitizer / LCD FPC CONNECTOR Replacement Repair


Location: East Amherst, New York

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 11d 10h 18m


Please Read: This service should only be purchased after you have visually verified that your connector is damaged. If you are assuming you have a connector problem (without visually confirming), a new connector may not resolve your issue. Once you purchase this service we are going to replace your connector regardless of the connector's condition once it arrives. This means if your connector looks good, its still going to be replaced. There are NO refunds once my service is rendered regardless of the outcome. NO POST REPAIR TESTING WILL BE DONE NO DIAGNOSIS OR TROUBLESHOOTING WILL BE DONE. THIS IS STRICTLY A CONNECTOR REPLACEMENT SERVICE. WE WILL VERIFY (TWICE) THAT THE NEW CONNECTOR IS PROPERLY SOLDERED TO EACH AND EVERY SOLDER PAD / PIN ON THE MOTHERBOARD. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONLY The Motherboard Can Be Mailed In To Our Facility (Please use extreme care removing your motherboard from the base - its easy to cause more damage) This service is for 1 connector replacement. If you need more than 1 connector replaced, please contact me for a quote. ___________________________ This Auction is for IPhone 6S & 6S Plus LCD / Digitizer Motherboard Connector Replacement The LCD and Digitizer Functions are incorporated into the same connector with the 6S & 6S Plus ______________________________________________________________ NO TESTING OR TROUBLESHOOTING WILL BE DONE WE WILL VERIFY THE NEW CONNECTORS CONTACT TO EACH SOLDER PAD AND VERIFY THE NEW CONNECTORS INTEGRITY. _______________________________________________ This auction includes parts and 1st Class Mail return shipping. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the repair to us. ------------------------------------------------------------- Turn Around Time Is Usually from 2 - 3 Working Days. Instructions will be messaged to you at the time of the purchase ________________________________________ Terms of this Service: There are no refunds / returns once my service is performed. #1 - I do not offer motherboard troubleshooting / diagnosis of any kind. My expertise, skill and training is ONLY in solder rework of connectors. I do not stock chips, IC's or any other component other than the connector I'm advertising a replacement service for. #2 - Please understand that not everything is repair-able. A motherboard that looks ok to the naked eye may actually be damaged before it arrives here. #3 - This is NOT a "general motherboard repair service" that claims any issue that your having will be repaired. This is strictly a connector replacement service. #4 - If your motherboard is not repair-able or found NOT to have a damaged connector, you will be asked to send return shipping costs (usually from $3 - $5.50) via paypal and then the original repair charge will be cancelled & refunded. (then please refer back to #1) #5 - My free return shipping option is ONLY for motherboards that are repair-able. #6 - You should pursue a connector replacement ONLY if your connector is actually damaged and verified by visual inspection. Please don't assume it's connector related if the connector looks good. #7 - If for some reason my connector replacement does not resolve whatever issue you're having, there are NO refunds (My services have been rendered) #8 - If there is an issue with my solder craftsmanship and or the connector that's been replaced please contact me immediately.