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Headphones Jack Repair Replacement Service For 3 or 4 Pole Headphone Jack Plug


Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 11d 14h 40m


Note: I see other sellers are offering similar upgraded plugs as mine. My plugs are specially made to work with iphone. They have a plastic shield above the contacts covering the metal lip(see picture), without this shield iphone 5 and 6 devices will have issues with siri randomly opening or the remote automatically pausing the music or the remote just will not work. This is because the metal housing of the device reacts to the metal lip above the contacts. I had my plugs specially made, other sellers will only have cheaper plugs without the protection shield. Buy here for a true quality plug that will not render your headphones and remote useless on your iphone. Headphones Jack Repair Replacement For 3 or 4 Pole Headphone Jack Do your headphones cut out when the wiring is moved or had the wiring gotten stressed/ripped and now only one side works? Send them to me and I will replace the jack with a ultra strong jack that will never fail! Professional quality repair. Ultra high quality audio grade solder used. The jack has gold plated contacts for superior sound. The repair process consists of Remove paint shielding from wiringAdd solder to wiringSolder wiring to jackCheck all connectionsAdd overcoat - Allow to dry for 2 hoursCrimp wire to jackCheck all connections and test audioApply high strength composite epoxy inside jack - Allow 24 hours to harden I can repair cut wiring as well, as long as you have both speakers I can repair your headphones. The repair will take 3-5 days after it is delivered to me. You must provide me tracking of the shipment of your headphones within two days or your payment will be refunded. Please be sure you are ready to send the headphones before purchasing.