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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cracked Screen Glass Repair Mail in Service



Location: Austin, Texas

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 6d 17h 54m


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cracked Glass Repair You are purchasing a S7 Edge Cracked Glass Repair! Our repair is 100% guarantee! If we break we replace it free of charge. We do all out of frame repairs with the most up to date equipment! All of our repairs are done with OCA not LOCA so there is never any messy residue left over after the repair. Please do not purchase this service if your lcd is broken or damaged. If you are unsure please send us a picture and we will advise you if our service can help you. Colors we currently offer: Coral Blue, Gold, Silver, and Black Onyx How long will this take? We try to get every repair done within 2 business days, and shipped back out to you! We will message you when we receive the device, and then when we ship it back to you. We always ship priority mail, and that means you will always get a tracking number! Are your technician's factory trained? No they are not factory trained, and neither is anyone else who claims to be! Samsung does not train people to fix the glass only on their phones not even an authorized repair center! An ARC receives full Digitizer/LCD combos they do not take the glass refurbish route as they manufacture their own panels so they can afford to make however many they need! Anyone who says that they are factory trained or certified is not being honest, and they are just saying that to make you feel better. We all learned to do this the same way HARD WORK! Do you offer a warranty? Yes, we do! We warranty our workmanship for 12 months! We do not cover broken glass or devices that have been dropped or damaged by water. If you have a warranty claim after the repair is completed please contact us, and we will direct you what to do. We will also inspect your device, and check as many things as possible before we send it back out. We will check the entire phone functionality if it is sent with no password. If it does have a password we will check what we can. However, the screens are always checked 100 percent of the time. What do I do after I purchase your service Once the service is purchased you will then proceed to the final step, and that is mailing your device to us. A few things we ask you to do and include are listed below! We do not reimburse you for shipping to us, but we do pay for the shipping back to you!!!!! 1. Please make sure there are no black spots or lines on your screen. 2. If you have anything else you need us to do to the phone like Back Glass, Charger Port, Camera ect... Please purchase the misc repair charge in our eBay store, and tell us what you need repaired! 3. Please make sure your battery is charged. If you do not have time we are glad to do it for you, but it does make for a faster repair time. 4. Please include at least eBay username on a separate sheet of paper, or even somewhere on the box. AND THEN Ship To Game Repair Gods12407 North Mopac EXPSuite 250-414Austin, TX 78758