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MacBook Pro Air Retina EFI iCloud Firmware Password Unlock Lock Removal Service

Fast! | FREE return shipping | No chip replacements


Location: Sandy Hook, Connecticut

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We are the parts division of Rusty’s Group. I have been working on electronic devices since 1980, and have been on eBay since 1998. I have near-perfect feedback and if you read it you will see that making you, the customer, happy is the most important thing. Rusty is my Jack Russell Terrier who was rescued from certain death at a high kill shelter. He hangs out with me while I work and manages to get into plenty of mischief. The company and this store are named after him. Enough about me and Rusty…about the service: If you see one of the screens shown on your Apple product when you start it up, you have an EFI lock (also called a password lock or BIOS lock or a bunch of other things, but you get the idea). You may also have inadvertently or purposely turned on your iCloud and forgotten either the password or that fact. We can remove the lock and get you back into your computer. Other companies remove the BIOS chip and replace it. We don’t touch your board — we have a software only solution that does the job. This covers 2010 to present models. If you have an earlier model email us and we’ll see what we can do. How it works:Once you purchase the service you will receive the address for shipping your computer. You arrange the packing and shipping to us. Once we get the computer we can usually perform the service and get it back in the mail (Priority) in a day or two. We pay for return shipping. Free Additional ServicesWe would be happy to wipe your hard drive, and/or install our latest Sierra build, which includes the operating system and a bunch of programs and utilities, all at no extra charge. We typically replace broken or damaged screws on the bottom case as well, again at no charge. There is a small charge for replacing 2016 and 2017 bottom case screws as they are impossible to find. We will ask before we replace anything. Please note: We are not accepting 2016 or 2017 12" MacBooks A1534 for unlocking. They will be returned and a refund minus the return shipping cost will be issued. Here are some of the questions we've received:1. It says “Your computer is disabled for XX minutes. Can you fix that?” Yes. Just STOP TRYING TO ENTER A PASSWORD. We can take care of it. 2. Do I have to send my charger? No, we have plenty of chargers lying around. 3. What if you can’t unlock it? No idea. Has never happened. But theoretically we would return your money and apologize for our shortcomings. 4. How long will it take? The actual unlock usually takes 5-10 minutes. The older the model the more time it will take. Safe to say it will be on its way back to you the next business day. 5. Do you charge extra for this model or that model or this year or that year? No. The only model we charge extra for is the iMac, because of the extra shipping and the fact that it takes longer to get to the logic board to examine it than it does to actually unlock it. Email for details. 6. How do I know the lock won’t come back? Simply put, the status of the lock on your Apple product is binary — either locked or unlocked. Once we flip it from locked to unlocked the only way it could be locked again is by you. 7. What if it comes back? No idea. Because it won’t. Buy a lottery ticket? 8. It wasn’t locked until I went to upgrade to the latest MacOs (or change the hard drive). What happened? Yes it actually was locked. Sometimes it just takes one of those two events to trigger the lock. 9. I never actually see the lock screen. What should I do? Hold down the option key when you turn the computer on. The lock should pop up. 10. Can you generate a (SCB) file remotely?< No. Our system doesn’t work that way. 11. Can you unlock my iPhone, iPad, iPod, toaster, coffee pot? Sorry, no. Only Apple products that are actually sold as COMPUTERS. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. Visit our store!© rustysparts _gsrx_vers_804 (GS 7.0.8 (804))