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Sony Bravia 1-895-316-11 DPS-162LP KDL-50EX645 REPAIR+UPGRADE! for 6 Blinks Dead



Location: Pasadena, Maryland

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 12d 15h 14m


*************************Midway Module************************* Normal 0 Electronics Reverse-Engineering and Remanufacturing Company ******************************************************************* We are an Authorized Sony Professional Products Reseller Sony Bravia KDL-50EX645, Symptoms: Dead Set with 6 Blink Error Code or 2 Blink error code or Dead Set with No Blinks or ALL other symptoms that cause this power supply not to function properly including power surge. Normal 0 This is a full function repair and upgrade; we fix ALL failures with this module including power surge unlike junk dealers who only know how to fix one problem incorrectly using inferior parts. We have succeeded where others have failed. Detailed step-by-step TV disassembly and power supply module removal instructions are provided upon request after purchase. Just message us using the eBay message system and we will send our detailed instructions to make your module removal safe and easy. Parts repair kits being sold by parts sellers who know very little about electronic circuits are substituting parts incorrectly; these kits are missing important parts, contain incorrect parts, and are not upgrades of the originals, which do not duplicate our repair, revision and upgrade or solve all failures. We know this for a fact due to our customers sending us their modules after failed repairs using these parts repair kits. We use the latest quality technologically advanced semiconductors and passive components in all our repairs and upgrades, and replace any defective Korean and Chinese parts with Japanese or American designed and or manufactured parts. We use technologically advanced soldering equipment for laser precise accuracy and quality of work. We have received these power supply modules from customers who told us they purchased it used and lasted only a few months due to the used module being salvaged from a broken screen TV. We recommend that you not make their same mistake by purchasing a used module. Let us repair and upgrade your original module. Without our upgrade -- all of these power supply modules will fail prematurely. Normal 0 Handling time is typically 1-2 days, however usually ships the next day after we receive it. We will rush it back to you via Priority Mail for free (U.S.A. only). Beware of others only offering economy or standard shipping, which takes weeks, is not insured, and has no tracking information in order to reduce their price at your time and risk expense. Some dealers have an eBay extended handling time greater than 7-20 business days even though they claim otherwise in their item description. After the repair is completed on your module we will install it into a television of the same make and model as yours. Then your module will be test played all night which is typically 12 hours. This is a necessary procedure to burn-in the new parts and to weed out any defects before sending your module back to you. We have a zero failure rate. Please read our eBay seller feedback regarding this power supply repair and revision by clicking on our username. We extend to you a parts, labor and shipping 5 year warranty for the repair and upgrade we perform on your module and we pay shipping both ways by reimbursement for shipping to us for warranty repairs only. Warranty excludes acts of nature like lightning damage, power surge, tampering, and earthquake damage. We reserve the right to mark your module for identification. Here at Midway Module we have been repairing electronic devices of all types for over thirty-five years. In this period of time we have learned a simple rule - when new electronic products fail early they always fail for a reason. This reason can almost always be traced back to the original design and the causation is usually minor. A simple revision will prevent this failure from occurring again. We use all certified technicians to repair your module under the supervision of our electronics engineer who routs out the reason for early electronics circuit failures. After careful calculations a revision is given to the technician who implements the repair on your module so it will never fail for the same fault in design again. This translates into a worry-free experience between you and your customer. We back our work with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. The contractor (Delta) who designed and built the DPS-162LP for Sony made an error in calculations in one of the circuits of this power supply. We reverse engineered this power supply, since the manufacturer did not release the schematic diagram. We will revise and update your power supply with the correct parts to remove the inherent faults. We must receive your circuit board module intact without damage from previous repairs. We refuse to pay shipping to return a board which has been damaged by previous repairs or shipping damage back to you if we deem it non repairable. However, at our discretion we will repair your module even if it has damage if the damage is manageable. Extensive damage may cost extra and deemed repairable or not on a case by case basis. Buyer is responsible for initial shipping cost of sending their module to us. If the preceding terms are met including no physical damage and we deem your module non repairable (very unlikely) we will refund your full purchase price and return your module to you at our shipping expense. At present, all of these Sony DPS-162LP modules that we have received have been repaired successfully. You will receive packaging and shipping instructions after checkout when your payment posts in accordance with eBay seller rules. We will submit positive eBay feedback for you after you do the same for us. Thank you! P.S. If you have a different Sony power supply than the one listed above please send us your Sony model number, so we can quote you a price for the repair and upgrade. All text in this listing is protected by copyright, 2016-2017 Midway Module. Plagiarizing (copying) sellers will be promptly reported to eBay.