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"Ultracade" and "Arcade Legends" computer repair and upgrade service


Location: Palmdale, California

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 28d 5h 7m


Do you have an "Ultracade" or "Arcade Legends" computer that was working fine but now no longer boots up? If so, this service is for you. "Ultracade" and "Arcade Legends" computers are now up in age (first one was built over 12 years ago) and over time they lose their settings and need to be reprogrammed. The hard drives, power supplies, and motherboards also die over time, so chances are if your game was working fine one minute and then just stopped working the next, then you need to get the computer serviced. Since the major distributors no longer service these machines, you need to have someone like me to get you up and running again. I have been working on Ultracades for over 10 years, so there are almost no problems I can not solve. I also offer free estimates on repair, so all you have to pay for is shipping if you just want to find out what is wrong with your system (message me if you are interested in an estimate). I work on both the "Desktop" and "Sumicom" versions of the computer systems, but if you are unsure what is wrong with your system please message me first before paying for the service. Price for service does not include parts or shipping, just labor. Once your computer is up and running again, upgrades may be available depending on your system type and what I have available at the time. Advance replacements also depend on what I have available at the time. Also, feel free to message me with any other "Ultracade" or "Arcade Legends" questions that you might have. This service does not include shipping cost, so you will need to pay for shipping both ways. After contacting me, please ship computer/parts to: Dino Duet 6367 Katella Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89118