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SERVICE DESCRIPTION - PLEASE READ IN FULL! Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a REPAIR SERVICE for Vizio M550NV main board 3655-0102-0150 shown on the picture. REPAIR SERVICE means that you need to send us your malfunctioning board that we will attempt to service, test and return to you. Please read this description in full for important details and to avoid confusion and waste of time and money. HOW DOES IT WORK This is a flat rate testing and repair service, meaning we will attempt to repair any problem with the board within that price as long as the board we receive meets our requirements (see separate section below). The price you pay includes return shipping within USA, but you need to ship or otherwise deliver the board to us at your own costs. Depending on what we find out and what we do you pay the listed price or less (details explained further below). You start the process through the "Buy now" button at the eBay listing page. eBay requires upfront payment for the service, which is in contrast to the way we do it at our corporate website. We wish we could do the same through eBay , but have not found a way to make it happen, sorry. Upon completing payment, an email with shipping instructions is automatically sent by our server. It is in addition to all the emails sent by eBay/PayPal regarding the service purchase. We may also send a snail mail reminder via USPS, usually on the same day. The email we send contains shipping instructions, including the shipping address for the board you want us to test and service. Following the instructions you package and send or otherwise deliver the board to us. Once the board is delivered it takes 2-3 business days for it to move its way up the queue and gets processed. Processing itself needs to be fairly short in order for us to make profit on the job, which means that we should be ready with the board within 2-4 business days from its delivery. If the board arrives in working order you will be contacted for details. If you want the board back as it was found we will withhold a diagnostic fee of up to $25 plus the return shipping costs plus the eBay transaction costs and issue refund for the rest. If the board is bad then we attempt to repair it. If we succeed we usually send the board back without communication. eBay sends tracking information as soon as we print a shipping label. If we fail to repair the board we contact you with details. We issue you a full refund, a request to cancel the transaction on eBay (since no repair service was provided) and request payment for the return shipping of the board. If you have any questions please ask before initiating the service!Common Failure Symptoms While there can clearly be a large number of failures and failure symptoms that probably can't all be listed, here are the most common ones we've seen this board cause that we've seen:Totally dead TV ; this can be caused by a bad power supply as well, but at least for the XVT553SV model we've seen the main board being bad more often than the power supply board; The front LED indicator blinking endlessly, but the TV never starting up; The front LED blinking for a while and then stopping just as it should; when powered on the TV would display the Vizio logo and either hang on it for a long time or eventually shut itself off and possibly start initializing again (start flashing the Vizio LED sign); HDMI inputs not working or loss of audio. WARRANTY AND RETURNS We give 90 days warranty on serviced boards that we send to customers. Each board is individually tested prior to shipping, notes are made on what was serviced on it and a high-resolution photography is taken to document the board's condition prior to shipment. If you are unhappy with the board that we had sent you, please contact us to arrange resolution that varies from partial to complete refund to board exchange. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BOARD SENT FOR SERVICE The board(s) we receive must be physically intact and must have not been tampered with or serviced before. The advertised flat rate for repair service is only valid when the above conditions are met. Exceptions are possible and often applied for minor repair attempts, but we reserve the sole right to judge if and when we would consider a repair minor. If we receive board(s) that fails the above conditions we will contact the sender and usually offer two options: 1) returning the board(s) for the sole cost of the return shipping; or 2) continuing the repair service at a higher cost in case of success. It is also possible, depending on the condition of the board, to eliminate the second possibility and just flat our reject having to service the board. Subject to situation and availability we may also recommend replacement of the board, again at the higher than advertised price for repair. In all cases you will have the option to receive your own board(s) back for the sole cost of the return shipping. SALE CONDITIONS 1) FINAL SALE - Unless otherwise noted in above statements no returns will be accepted on this sale. 2) PROVEN BUYERS ONLY - purchases and/or winning bids from eBayers with less than 10 reviews will be rejected. 3) MUTUAL PROTECTION - we will only ship to confirmed addresses as PayPal does not warrant shipments made to unconfirmed addresses. 4) RIGHT TO WITHDRAW - we reserve the right to refuse to sell for whatever reason. We would rarely do that, but in case we do, we guarantee prompt notification and full refund. *************************** PLEASE DO NOT BUY IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE ABOVE CONDITIONS! *************************** ************************* SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK BEFORE BUYING! ************************