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Location: Brookeland, Texas

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: Expired


Investment BuildableProperty ************************************* THIS HUGE LOT IS ON THEGOLF COURSE. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!THIS LOT HAS IT! THIS IS A PAYMENT OR CASH AUCTION MAKE ME AN OFFER, YOU NEVER KNOW! THIS IS A EXTRA LARGE .38 ACRE EAST TEXAS PROPERTY THAT HAS UTILITIES TO THE LOT!---------------------------------- IT HAS WATER, POWER, HIGH SPEED INTERNET,AND PHONE THIS LOT HAS A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF FRONTAGE ON THE GOLF COURSE. IT IS ON THE CORNER AND HAS FRONTAGE OF 90 FT IN THE REAR OF THE LOTAS WELL AS 250 FT ON THE EAST SIDE FOR A TOTALOF OVER 330 FT OF GOLF COURSE FRONTAGE!!!IN ADDITION TO THE LARGE AMOUNT OF GOLF COURSE FRONTAGE, IT ALSO HAS 170 FT OF PAVED ROAD FRONTAGE ON VICTORIA DRIVE.*************************************************** THIS PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN BEAUTIFUL SOUTH EAST TEXAS AND FEATURES PLENTY OF PINE TREES AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES LISTED IN THE AUCTION. IT IS LOCATED IN AN ESTABLISHED SUBDIVISION THAT FEATURES MANY AMENITIES INCLUDING ACCESS TO THE LARGEST MAN MADE LAKE IN TEXAS! THIS IMPRESSIVE LOT IS LOCATED IN RAYBURN COUNTRY SUBDIVISION. THIS SUBDIVISION SITS ON SAM RAYBURN RESERVOIR AND FEATURES A MARINA AS WELL AS NUMEROUS OTHER GREAT AMENITIES INCLUDING A BEAUTIFUL CLUB HOUSE, SWIMMING POOLS, A STEAK HOUSE, AND A 27 HOLE GOLF COURSE! ************************************************************** IN ADDITION TO THE MANY WONDERFUL AMENITIES THAT OFFER ENJOYMENT FOR ALL AGES, RAYBURN COUNTRY SUBDIVISION LOCATED IN BROOKELAND TEXAS IN JASPER COUNTY AND IS OVER 3,000 ACRES WITH OVER 50 MILES OF MAINTAINED ROADS. THIS SUBDIVISION IS WELL ESTABLISHED AND ALREADY HAS MANY HIGH DOLLAR HOMES, ONE OF WHICH IS RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM THIS LOT MAKING THIS LOCATION IDEAL FOR INVESTMENT PURPOSES OR TO KEEP TO BUILD YOUR OWN HOME! AS YOU LOOK THROUGH THE PICTURES LISTED IN THE AUCTION YOU WILL SEE JUST HOW GREAT OF A LOCATION THAT THIS LOT IS IN. WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL TREES AND ITS EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT OF FRONTAGE RIGHT ON THE MAIN GOLF COURSE. THIS HUGE .38 ACRE PROPERTY LOCATED JUST 1 BLOCK NORTH OF HY 255 AS SHOWN IN THE MAPS IS AN IDEAL LOT. AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE FOR YOURSELF IN THE PHOTOS LISTED IN THIS AUCTION THIS LOT IS IN A GREAT SPOT! {{PAYMENTS}}____________ PRICE IS ONLY $1495.00TO BE PAID OVER 12 MONTHS!*************************************** {{CASH}}_______ A ONE TIME CASH PAYMENT OF ONLY {{ $999.00 }} YOU ARE ONLY PAYING 15 CENTS ON A DOLLAR. FOR WHAT THE PROPERTY IS WORTH. LOW DOCUMENT FEE**************************** *ASSESSED TAX VALUE OF THIS PROPERTY IS $15,000.00! THIS IS A PAYMENT OR CASH AUCTION. IF YOU CHOSE THE PAYMENT OPTION YOU WILL HAVE 12 MONTHS TO PAY FOR THIS PROPERTY. YOU WILL HAVE A DOWN PAYMENT OF $200.00 DOWN, THE LOW DOCUMENT FEE, AND AFTER YOU HAVE PAID THE 12 PAYMENTS YOU OWN THE PROPERTY. NO OTHER FEES! THE TAXES AND POA FEES FOR THE TIME UNDER CONTRACT UNTIL THE PROPERTY IS PAID OFF WILL BE PAID FOR BY THE NEW OWNER. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A RARE LARGE GOLF COURSE LOT!************************************ THE MAPS IN THE AUCTION AREOF THE EXACT LOCATION OF THE PROPERTY! *THIS PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN JASPER COUNTY IN NORTH EAST TEXAS. *IT IS LOT NUMBER 49 IN SECTION E-5 OF RAYBURN COUNTRY SUBDIVISION. *IT IS A HUGE .38 ACRE LOT LOCATED ON THE GOLF COURSE WITH GOLF COURSE FRONTAGE! *IT IS IN A WONDERFUL LOCATION ON VICTORIA DRIVE WITH PHENOMENALLY EASY AND QUICK ACCESS TO HIGHWAY 255. *AS SHOWN IN THE MAPS THIS PROPERTY SITS JUST NORTH OF HIGHWAY 255 MAKING IT AN UNBEATABLE LOCATION!**************************************************** This auction is for the purchase of ONE .38 AC PROPERTY in Texas. So there is no misunderstanding THIS IS A CASH OR PAYMENT AUCTION. *This is the only golf course lot that I own here. THIS GOLF COURSE PROPERTY IS : *******LOT NUMBER 49 IN SECTION E-5*********--------------------------------------------------/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////---------------------------------------------------- THIS LOT IS LOCATED ON THE GOLF COURSE!************************************************************ THIS PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN RAYBURN COUNTRY SUBDIVISIONIN JASPER COUNTY TEXAS. IT HAS POWER, WATER, HIGH SPEED INTERNET, AND PHONE!******************************************************************************* VERY VERY LOW Poa's are $275.00 per year. Buyer will be responsible for the taxes and POA'S for 2017 and forward. Zoning is R1 Buildable. Don’t wait. Prices in this area are rising rapidly Terms: This auction is for the property described above. Ask all questions before bidding. Do your due diligence. By bidding on this auction you are entering into a binding contract with the seller with the terms listed here. Bid only if you are serious about purchasing this R1 Buildable property. This property is sold as is where is. All information is to the best of my knowledge. { All Sales are finial.} If you win this auction and do not complete the transaction according to these terms, you will be held responsible for any and all listing fees regarding this property. Make sure you have the funds secure before bidding. Winning bidder is required to contact the seller within 24 hours of the end of the auction by e-mail with name and address for your deed. Payment amount and Doc Fee is to be received in full by the winner within 5 days of the end of the auction by cashiers check, money order or wire. (Winning amount plus document fee) .There is a 1 time low Doc fee of only $399.00 to be added to the total price. I will prepare all of the paperwork as well as filing the deed with the county. ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING ON THE AUCTION.IF YOU BID AND WIN ITS TIME TO PAY NOT ASK QUESTIONS./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New bidders: I appreciate everyone's interest in the auction, but if you have zero (0) feedback or if you are new to eBay within the last 30 days, you must first contact me through e-mail before bidding to confirm your intent to purchase and give me your contact information. Under no circumstances will I accept a bid from a new bidder or 0 feedback bidder without this information. I am sorry to have to do this, but newcomers to eBay and 0 feedback bidders have cost me a lot of money recently by not completing the transactions. If you are honest and sincere about bidding, you should have no problems with these terms. Click here to view my other current auctions. Auctions change daily. Thank you and good luck!

  • Zip/Postal Code: 75931
  • Type: Buildable Lot
  • Zoning: Buildable
  • State//Province: Texas
  • Acreage: 0.38
  • Property Address: Section E-5 LOT 49
  • State/Province: Texas
  • Seller State of Residence: Tennessee