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20 ACRE, COW CREEK PLACER GOLD CLAIM, DOUGLAS COUNTY, SOUTHWEST OREGON Click any image to see it full size Item Description Hard to find Claim on Cow Creek in Southwest Oregon!!!!! The claims location is on the Cow Creek. Unpatented Placer Mining Gold Claim in Douglas County, Southwest Oregon State. COW CREEK DISTRICT Starvout Creek is a tributary of Cow Creek that drains the north- ern slope of Green Mountain. Three of the mines on this creek, the Ilarrah, Booth, and Curtis Brothers, have lately been in operation, but the Mizer and O'Shea only keep up assessment work. A large tract has been covered by these Placers near the present stream level, and they are reported to have been fabulously rich in the early days. The bedrock is slate except in the Curtis Brothers mine, which is near the contact of the slates, greenstone, and serpentine. Just beyond the western limit of the Riddles quadrangle, in Cow Creek canyon, are the Victory and Gold Flat Placers, or terraces, about 150 feet above the stream. A dozen miles farther down are the Cain and the Cracker Jack, on terraces over 500 feet above the creek. All these are important Placers formed under conditions in strong contrast with the gentle grade of Cow Creek above Glendale. Our 20-acre placer mining claim is located a few miles Northwest Backer City a large town. This drainage has had abundant placer mining history from both bedrock and older Tertiary gravel deposits from the Creek. Some of the amenities are: A short walk down the hill to the creek. Local gravels on bedrock. Abundant, thick older gravel deposits. Tree roots & grass clumps, downed trees, logs, etc. Medium to shallow water. Mining level: Recreational to intermediate. Quiet and safe area; very beautiful. Children and senior friendly - fun for all! Claim Info: This is what we will do: Upon full payment, + Plus $250 fee. We will send you a Quitclaim deed naming you as the new owner for this mining claim. All fee's and documents required by the BLM have been filed for this assessment year. You will need to file either an annual maintenance fee or an affidavit of the performance of annual work ($10.00), with a waiver form with the BLM before September 1st, 2018. And each following year. If you fail to file the paperwork properly, the BLM will close the claim. We will include the required forms to maintain the claim in good standing with the BLM, and send you copies of the following; 1. GPS coordinates to get you there. 2. You will receive the BLM recorded "Quitclaim Deed" after the claim is paid in full and you will receive the Deed 4-6 weeks later. Payment Details I accept certified check or money orders only.We now accept credit cards and debit cards. Payment is due within 24 hours after Auctions Ends. Mailing of Quit Claim deed to the buyer may take up to 3 weeks after payment clears. Serious Bidders Only. Profile |

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  • State/Province: Oregon