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Location: Clinton, Wisconsin

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QUICK POINTS ABOUT THIS PROPERTY(See the Complete Listing Below) ~~~QUIET, REMOTE & SPACIOUS 17 ACRE RANCH WITH MOUNTAIN VIEWS IN EVERY DIRECTION!!! PERFECT FOR GETTING AWAY FROM THE CITY AND ENJOYING THIS AREA'S ENDLESS SKIES AND MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS!!! ***JUST MINUTES FROM WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN!!!*** ABOUT 50 MINUTES SOUTH OF ALBUQUERQUE, NM & 20 MINUTES SOUTHEAST OF BELEN, NM. CASH SALE AUCTION! ALL YOU PAY IS THE FINAL BID PRICE + $295.00 DOCUMENT FEE!!! NO RESERVE!!! NO RESERVE!!! NO RESERVE!!! LOCATED IN THE STUNNING TIERRA GRANDE SUBDIVISION! THIS SUBDIVISION IS LOCATED IN ONE OF THE PREMIER LOCATIONS OF THE NEW MEXICO COUNTRY SIDE! ACCESS DOESN'T GET EASIER THAN THIS! DIRECT ROAD ACCESS!!! THIS IS A RARE PLUS FOR ANY REMOTE PROPERTY. NO EASEMENTS, NO CARVED PATHS... THIS HAS DIRECT ROAD ACCESS!!! THIS LOT HAS A MARKET VALUE OF $9,000.00!!! ***POWER!!! POWER!!! POWER!!!***THIS LOT HAS POWER RUNNING ALONG IT'S SOUTHERN & EASTERN BOARDERS!!! ~~~ INVEST IN NEW MEXICO! WARNING: THE DETAILS OF THIS LISTING ARE A BIT LONG BUT VERY INFORMATIVE. I WOULD RATHER PROVIDE TOO MUCH INFORMATION THAN NOT ENOUGH. PLUS, YOU ARE NOT BUYING AN iPOD OR A PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES, YOU ARE BUYING A PIECE OF THE EARTH! PLEASE TAKE 4-5 MINUTES AND READ ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW. IT SHOULD ANSWER ALMOST ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE? I GREW UP OUT WEST AND I KNOW THIS AREA WELL. BUY FROM SOMEONE THAT HAS ACTUALLY BEEN TO THE LAND THEY ARE SELLING! STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! BIDDING REQUIREMENTS! IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 10 FEEDBACKS YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME PRIOR TO BIDDING OR YOUR BID WILL BE CANCELED. I SIMPLY GET TOO MANY NEW EBAYERS THAT BID AND THEN DON'T PAY. ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! IF YOU READ THE ENTIRE LISTING THE ANSWER TO MOST ANY QUESTION YOU MIGHT HAVE WILL BE FOUND BELOW. IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE ANSWER...PLEASE EMAIL ME! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS? AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IS A LIST OF FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. PLEASE REVIEW THIS LIST AS IT WILL ANSWER THE MAJORITY OF COMMON QUESTIONS. NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! NO RESERVE! THIS IS A LOW RESERVE AUCTION!!! THE HIGH BIDDER GETS THIS LOT FOR THE FINAL BID PRICE PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES! THERE IS NO FINANCE OPTION! THE FULL AMOUNT IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS! PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE PAGE. PROPERTY TAXES? ONLY $104.32/YEAR AND THE PROPERTY TAXES ARE PAID TO DATE! PAYMENT? FULL PAYMENT & A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE IS DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF THE AUCTION END. I OFFER A VARIETY OF PAYMENT OPTIONS. SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE LISTING FOR FULL DETAILS. VALUE? THIS LOT HAS A MARKET VALUE OF $20K. TAXABLE VALUES ON RAW LAND ARE VERY LOW! TYPICALLY 25-35% OF MARKET VALUE. (THIS LOT IS EASILY WORTH $25K-$35K) NO RECORDING FEES! NO TRANSFER TAX! TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT! IMPORTANT! FULL PAYMENT PLUS A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION END. PAYMENT OPTIONS LISTED AT THE END OF THE LISTING. NOTE: I SELL A GREAT DEAL OF NEVADA LAND AND THIS IS BY FAR THE NICEST RANCH COMMUNITY I HAVE COME ACROSS. I OWN A PERSONAL LOT IN THIS SUBDIVISION AND MY BROTHER AND SISTER, WHO LIVE IN RENO, OWN A LOT HERE AS WELL! WILL EXPLAIN THE CABINS AND RANCH COMMUNITY IN DETAIL...BELOW. MOUNTAIN VIEWS! THIS LOT SITS IN THE FOOTHILLS OF MANZANO PEAK! PHOTOS MY LISTING PROVIDES A WIDE RANGE OF PHOTOS THROUGH OUT THE ENTIRE RANCH. I INCLUDE SHOTS TAKEN IN LATE SPRING TIME. 100% BUILDABLE LOT HAVE A QUESTION? PLEASE EMAIL ME! ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! DON'T SNOOZE! I HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE LOTS REMAINING! HOW HIGH SHOULD YOU BID? I HAVE SOLD MANY OF THESE LOTS IN THE PAST AND THEY TYPICALLY SELL FOR $12,000-$15,000 SOMETIMES THEY GO FOR A BIT MORE AND OTHER TIMES A BIT LESS. MY GUARANTEE! I GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY OTHER SELLER LISTING THESE LOTS FOR LESS MONEY THAN I LIST THESE PROPERTIES FOR! NO ONE BEATS MY PRICES! THEY DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE!! WARNING! THIS LISTING IS LONG! THIS IS A GREAT PROPERTY AND DESERVES TO BE FULLY DESCRIBED. NOT A TIME SHARE!!! YOU OWN YOUR OWN LOT! THERE ARE NO TIME LIMITS TO BUILD! 17.69 ACRE LOT IN THE EXCLUSIVE TIERRA GRANDE SUBDIVISION TIERRA GRANDE SUBDIVISION Tierra Grande and you, the member, own over 14,000 acres of pristine Open Space (mountain property) including the Abo Arroyo/Canyon and Black Butte. These lands are being conserved for your use, which does NOT include hunting or trapping. Much of that acreage borders on the majestic Manzano Mountains part of the Cibola National Forest. The Manzanos provide beautiful trails and canyons for exploring, horseback riding, hiking and backpacking. The link to a brochure regarding the Open Space provides you with the general use guidelines, activities allowed, and a map to the various access points to Open Space. THE GROUNDS ARE IMMACULATE! JUST LOOK AT THESE VIEWS!!! =================================================== ================================================== ================================================== THERE ARE INCREDIBLE VIEWS IN EVERY DIRECTION! PROPERTY DESCRIPTIONSubd: TIERRA GRANDE Lots: 6, 7 & 8 Block: 7 Unit: 18 APN: Z3972A0113/14/15 LOT SIZE:17.69 ACRES A TRUE RANCHTo give you an idea of how big 17 acres is: 17 FOOTBALL FIELDS! OVER A 3/4 MILLIONSQUARE FEET!17.69 ACRES = 770,776 sq. ft PLAT MAP BASIC LAND DESCRIPTION:This property consists of amazingly level land with rolling hills. The property is very picturesque and ideal for building a home. AREA NEIGHBORS!THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE HOMES WITHIN THE RANCH!THERE ARE MANY OTHERS! YOURS COULD BE THE NEXT! THIS IS A TRULY A RARE FIND ANDPRICED TO SELL QUICKLY! COORDINATES:34.471818, -106.604316 JUST 60 MINUTES FROM ALBUQUERQUE! ---------------------------- --------------- THIS LISTING IS LOADED WITH MAPS AND PHOTOS. IF THEY DO NOT LOAD IN 30 SECONDS PLEASE REFRESH THE PAGE! (IF YOU HAVE DIAL UP REFRESH IN 3 DAYS.) FULL PAYMENT DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION END. ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING! NO HIDDEN FEES! ALL YOU PAY IS YOUR BID AMOUNT AND A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE! NO TRANSFER TAX! NO RECORDING FEES! TAXES PAID CURRENT! LOCATED AT THE BASE OF MANZONA PEAK! This lot sits at the base of 10,098 foot Manzona Peak which is a majestic mountain in Socorro County, NM. It is only 50-60 minutes south of the city of Albuquerque. On the one hand it's a somewhat "typical" mid New Mexico Great Basin Peak, looking like every other mountain in these majestic ranges. However, it does possess one minor claim to fame: it is one of the few peaks in the continental United States, peaks with over 3,000 feet of clean prominence. Truly a remarkable mountain! THE REAL DEAL! THERE ARE MANY HOMES WITHIN THE RANCH! AREA MAPS THIS RANCH SITS RIGHT JUST 60 MINUTES FROM DOWNTOWN ALBUQUERQUE! ZOOMED OUT THIS IS TRULY A 5 STAR PARCEL! NEW MEXICO PREFAB CABINS IDEAS ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== ============================== MOUNTAINS! EZ ACCESS! ROLLING MEADOWS! YEARLY PROPERTY TAX $104.32 TAXES ARE PAID CURRENT HOA FEES $90 PER YEAR AND THEY ARE PAID CURRENT! SPECTACULAR SETTING! MOUNTAIN VIEWS! CLOSE TO TOWN! BUY FROM ME OR YOU WILL FEEL LIKE THIS LATER: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING! PLAY IT SAFE! BUY FROM A SELLER THAT HAS A LONGSTANDING REPUTATION OF FEEDBACK THAT OUTLINES EVERYTHING CLEARLY! IMPORTANT! MOST SELLERS WANT FULL PAYMENT WITHIN 3 DAYS AND MENTION THEY USE A "SPECIAL" WARRANTY DEED. THE ONLY THING "SPECIAL" ABOUT THIS TYPE OF DEED IS IT PROTECTS THE SELLER! SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED A deed in which the grantor warrants, or guarantees, the title only against defects arising during the period of his or her tenure and ownership of the property and not against defects existing before that time, generally using the language, "by, through or under the grantor but not otherwise", this type of deed offers very limited protection to the buyer! I use a Warranty Deed: Warranty deed A deed containing a guarantee that the person transferring the property actually owns the title and that it is not encumbered in any way other than what is stated on the particular deed. Warranty deeds are the strongest deeds and provide buyers the maximum protection over any other deed. DON'T ACCEPT "SPECIAL" DEEDS! PAYMENT: FULL PAYMENT & A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE IS DUE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION END! NEW MEXICO! NEW MEXICO! New Mexico is truly an enchanted place. Explore everything our state has to offer – from breathtaking sunsets to fabulous mountain views, New Mexico has it all! Socorro CountySocorro County was established by the Territorial Legislature of New Mexico in 1852 with the City of Socorro as the county seat. At the time of the County’s founding, it stretched all the way from Texas to California. Subsequently, many counties have been carved out of Socorro County giving the County it’s current boundaries. Among the early inhabitants of the county were the pueblo people the “Piros” who settled in the area around 1200. Several centuries later the region was also populated by tribes to be later known as the Navajo’s and Apaches. In 1598 the village of Socorro was so named by Don Juan de Oñate who was given supplies by the Piros on his expedition through the area. Socorro is the Spanish word for “help/aid.” Throughout the 1600’s Spanish missionaries were sent to the area to teach Christianity to the Piros, and the region also was host to a few Spanish settlements serving as stops along the Camino Real. Some of these early settlements were, La Joya, Luis López and Valverde. In 1680, the “Pueblo Indians” revolted against the Spanish forcing the settlers to retreat to present day Mexico. Although New Mexico was re-conquered by the Spanish in 1692, the Socorro County area remained relatively uninhabited by European settlers, however the area was the site of numerous battles between the Spanish and native tribes. By the 1810’s the region was again permanently settled by the Spanish, including ranching villages such as San Antonio and trading stops along the Camino Real. The Socorro County area became part of Mexico in 1821, and the area continued to be colonized. After war with Mexico in the late 1840’s, the area of Socorro County became the territory of the United States. In 1854 Fort Craig was established at it’s current location to protect European settlers from native tribes. 1861 brought the Civil War to Socorro County, most significantly the battle of Valverde, where Confederate forces were victorious over the Union army. After the Civil War the region saw increased settlement and prosperity due to mining and ranching. Socorro County was known for being part of the “wild west” during the booming years of the 1880’s. Some significant events include Sheriff Elfego Baca’s famous shoot out, the Socorro vigilante movement as well as less dramatic events such as the founding of the New Mexico School of Mines in 1889. The booming times came to an end in the 1920’s leaving Socorro County as a peaceful agricultural community. During World War II the first atomic bomb was detonated in the County at Trinity site not far from San Antonio. Today in Socorro County, ranching and farming is still the most vital part of the economy, but the County is also leading the way in the technological development of the county with the help of world renown research facilities such as New Mexico Tech, the NRAO's VLA, and Stallion Site on White Sands Missile Range to name a few. You Are Buying a: 17 ACRE NEW MEXICO RANCH SECLUDED BUT NOT REMOTE!========== Truly a spectacular setting! 5 STAR FEEDBACKREAD MY FEEDBACK AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE!I HAVE BEEN AN EBAY MEMBER FOR OVER 10 YEARS AND RETAIN 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK!I WILL GLADLY PROVIDE PERSONAL REFERENCES UPON REQUEST! EASY ACCESS!THIS PARCEL PROVIDES MOUNTAIN VIEWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS WITHOUT MOUNTAIN DRIVING HASSLES OR TERRAIN ISSUES. SECLUDED BUT NOT REMOTE! BLM LAND BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENTNEVADA HAS MORE BLM LAND THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE LOWER 48! THIS AREA IS LOADED WITH BLM LAND! BLM LAND IS A HUGE PLUS/BENEFIT FOR PROPERTY OWNERS AS IT IS PUBLIC LAND AND WILL NEVER BE DEVELOPED BUT OPEN FOR PUBLIC USE! FOR MORE INFO ON BLM LAND DO A GOOGLE SEARCH AND TYPE IN BLM LAND. THEY HAVE A GREAT WEB SITE! CHECK IT OUT AS IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE! BLM LAND HAS HUGE HERDS OF WILD HORSES AND BURROS. THESE HORSES AND BURROS CAN BE ADOPTED! NEVADA HAS MORE OF THESE HERDS THAN ANY OTHER STATE! MORE INFO ABOUT THIS ON THEIR WEBSITE! YOU PREFER THIS: OR THIS: NOTE: YOU OFTEN SEE PARCELS THAT END UP SELLING ON EBAY FOR A LOW LOW PRICE, THE REASON? YOU NEED A HELICOPTER TO GET THERE! DOUBLE CHECK THE LOCATION/TERRAIN. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!/////////////////////////////////// THERE ARE MANY SPRINGS, LAKES ANDRESERVOIRS IN THIS IMMEDIATE AREA. NOTE:THIS IS NOT SOME HELL HOLE OUT IN THE STICKS! THIS AREA ISPRISTINE AND LOADED WITH BEAUTY & WILDLIFE. NEW MEXICOEscape from the stress of city life and enjoy the great outdoors! This portion of New Mexico offers everything you're looking for in a Western getaway, yet has all the necessary amenities. This land offers breathtaking views of beautiful snow capped mountains. This property in New Mexico offers a life of crisp air and endless sky. Enjoy the unique pleasure of authentic Western living and discover the gentle setting that awaits you. Whether it be for an investment or for retirement property, this acreage in New Mexico offers countless opportunities. THERE ARE MANY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESIN NEW MEXICO! NO TIME LIMIT TO BUILD!THE LOT CAN SIT VACANT FOR AS LONG AS YOU LIKE! Wide Open Spaces :Perfect place to get away from civilization yet you will be close enough when you want it.Off-Roading: Miles of roads and open range to exploreon an ATV or dirt bike.Hunting: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AREA FOR YOU HUNTERS! Parcel Specific FeaturesElevation: Approximately 5,380 feetViews: Views of the valley & mountains and lake!Vegetation: Grasses and sagebrush. Topography: Level land! BUT NEW MEXICO LAND IS:GOLD! SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY Please ask all questionsprior to bidding. THANKS FOR LOOKING AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONSAT ALL PLEASE DROP ME AN EMAIL!/////////////////NO HIDDEN FEES! IMPORTANT!ASK ALL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING!*****FULL PAYMENT & A $295.00 PROCESSING FEE REQUIRED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE AUCTION CLOSING! PAYMENT OPTIONS: CREDIT CARDS WE CAN ALSO PROCESS MASTERCARD, VISA AND DISCOVERTHROUGH OUR SECURED CREDIT CARD TERMINAL! CHECKSWE ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS AND CASHIER'S CHECKS. WIRE TRANSFERS WE ACCEPT WIRE TRANSFERS & DIRECT DEPOSITS. ***NOTE: I am no longer able to accept payment via PayPal. PayPal recently updated their terms and policies and no longer is allowing payments association with land purchases to be processed using their platform. Sorry for the inconvenience.*** Frequently Asked Questions Question: If I am the winning bidder how do we close the deal and what are the costs and fees aside from my bid amount and the $295.00 processing fee? Answer: The process is simple and fast! If you are the winning bidder ebay will send us an email with your contact info. Wewill then send you an email asking you to confirm your name and address info. We need your full name and address exactly as you want it to appear on the documents. Full payment is due within 72 hours of the auction closing. The only costs to you are the final bid amount and the $295.00 processing fee. There are no other costs/fees. We draft all required documents and we cover the transfer tax, recording fee and all mailing costs. Once we have full payment we send the deed directly to the county recorder. Once the deed has been recorded it is then mailed to you. Typically it takes about 10 business days from the time the deed leaves our office until it reaches the buyer. Question: I live out of state and I am wondering if the deal can be closed via mail?Or do I need to come to Nevada to sign papers? Answer: The entire process can be done by mail and there are no documentsfor you to sign. The entire process is handled from our end. Question: I live outside of the USA and I am not a US Citizen. Can I legally own land within the USA? Answer: Yes...non US citizens can legally own land within the USA. The entire process can be completed via mail and email. Approx 10% of our buyers are non US citizens. Question: Are there other homes already built within the ranch? Answer: Yes! This is the real deal! There are many homes already built within the ranch and new homes built each year. Homes range from log cabins, prefab homes and standard built homes. Question: What form of payment do you accept? Answer: We accept Master Card, Visa & Discover as well as personal checks, automatic bank payments such as Billpay and direct deposits. We also accept money orders & wire transfers. If paying via personal check we do wait 3-4 days for the check to clear before mailing off the deed. Question: How is water obtained? Answer: Water in this area is obtained via well. Question: How deep to drill a well? Answer: Well depths vary but the typical depth is 80-150 feet. Question: What is the cost to drill a well? Answer: Well drilling runs around $40.00 per foot. Question: Is there sewer service or do I need a septic tank? Answer: Sewage would be via septic tank. There is no city sewer system for the property. Question: Is there a time limit to build? Answer: No...there is no time limit to build and no maintenance required.The property can sit vacant as long as you like. The land is sageand wild grasses. There is no upkeep required. Question: Are there any back taxes or liens on the property? Answer: The taxes are paid current and there are no back taxes or liens on the property.The land is free & clear of any encumbrances. Question: What type of deed is used to transfer ownership? Answer: The deed will be a Warranty Deed, the strongest and safest of deeds. Question: What improvements have been made to the property? Answer: None...this is a vacant property. It has not been fenced, there areno homes or buildings on the property and the land is free andclear of trash. This is a pristine piece of land. Question: Are there any fees or costs aside from the yearly property taxes and $45 per year HOA fees? Answer: There are no other fees or ANY other costs other than the yearly property taxes and the HOA fees of $45 per year. Question: Can I have more than one name/person listed on the deed or a corporation or LLC? Answer: Yes...you can have as many people you like listed onthe deed and we can also deed to your corp or LLC. ABOUT THE SELLER: Western Investment Land is one of the top Land Sellers throughout the great western states! We have specialized in buying and selling land in the area. Nobody knows the west like we do! And we will help you find exactly what you are looking for! We offer parcels ranging in size from 1 acre subdivision lots to 160 acre ranches. Western Investment Land owns all the land we sell. We have helped hundreds of buyers over the years find their perfect investment property, retirement ranch or just to own a piece of Utah! Let’s get started! My name is Zach Hubner and I’m the owner of Western Investment Land. I currently live in Wisconsin, which is where we are based, and work with my wonderful business partners Philip & Karah. Yes we're only three people, but I believe in keeping our team small and the company as a whole small, so that we are able to maintain plenty of one on one time with our buyers, so we can make your buying experiences as enjoyable as possible. Between the three of us we can answer any question and tackle any problem you might have! I traveled out west often, and needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with this part of the country during. That love of land translates well for the business because it incites me to explore every property we buy and has given me a vast and intimate knowledge of every area that we own. Personally, I enjoy photography as a hobby and have taken countless shots in Utah & New Mexico. I plan on moving out west someday and enjoying all of the amazing views and endless skies!

  • Seller State of Residence: Wisconsin
  • Property Address: Belen, NM
  • State/Province: New Mexico
  • City: Belen
  • Type: Homesite, Lot
  • Zoning: Residential
  • Acreage: 17.69
  • Zip/Postal Code: 87002
  • State//Province: New Mexico