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Bedrock Paradise 76 Acre Placer Gold Mining Claims Equipment Land Groveland, CA

One Of The Best Claims I've Found In Years Stunning


Location: Litchfield, California

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Bedrock Paradise Placer Item Description Please Scroll To The Right Margin And Click On The Thumbnails To See Larger Pictures, Thanks!! One Of The Richest & Most Beautiful Mining Claims I Have Ever Had The Chance To Own, Hands Down. One Of The Two Big Waterfalls At The Confluence Of The Middle Fork & South Fork Tuolumne Rivers Seen Below!! Another Waterfall This One On The South Fork Tuolumne River Just 100 Feet Away From The Waterfall Pictured Above At The Confluence Of The Two Rivers Large Pool Formed By The Waterfall Pictured Above Seen Below!! Please Take Note All Maintenance Fees Till September 1, 2018 Have Been Paid!! Acceptable forms of payment are money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, cash, wire transfer and direct bank deposit. All Pictures In This Listing Are Exactly Of The Claim Being Sold Thanks!! Please take note this is a federal mining claim not private property. Mining claims are mineral rights to Government Land and the right to extract precious metals. Mining claims are considered real property and can be bought, sold, leased, willed, transferred, etc. You may stay on your claim in a travel trailer or motor home while mining your claim. Fixed or attached buildings are not usually permitted unless a bond is posted for the structures on federal mining claims. Bedrock & Crevices Litter The Claim, Perfect For Mining Seen Below!! We are accepting financing on this claim for $10,000 down and $1000 per month for 20 months. I have an important note to all potential claim buyers on and off ebay. There is a claim seller who's business (Advanced Geologic Exploration) is based in Chester, Ca that has been selling fraudulent un-filed mining claims. This seller has 56 placer claims in Ca advertised on his website. Only three are filed with BLM and Plumas County Recorder. This seller doesn't sell claims on ebay and usually sells to out of state unsuspecting buyers that have no clue of his reputation. I have never met anyone that has had anything good to say about him, including county and government officials. What this fraudster does is stake a claim then to get out of paying the fees and taxes to the County and BLM goes out to each claim every 91-94 days and replaces the paperwork with a new location date never filing the claims. This type of fraudulent mining claim staking is called a bad faith location and not valid. Then to top it off when he sells a claim he charges the buyers all the filing fees on top of what you paid for the claim. Please before buying any claim from anyone please ask for the BLM serial number and county recording number. Hopefully this information will save someone a big headache. Feel free to ask about any claims on and off ebay and I will be happy to look it up for you and make sure it's valid with no conflicts. Thanks!! General Claim Description Eureka Mining Inc, is extremely proud to offer our great customers the Bedrock Paradise Placer, 76 acre placer claim in Tuolumne County, Ca near the historic gold rush town of Groveland. This claim is one of the finest placers both in richness and beauty that I have ever come across. Once your on the claim you never want to leave, sounds of the massive waterfalls and crystal clear deep pools are just amazing. The gated seclusion of this claim is another bright spot that is rare. The claim is accessed by a very good GATED road along the river the entire length of the claim. We have a lock on this gate and the buyer will be provided a key for access. The Bedrock Paradise placer claim is on the South Fork & Middle Fork Tuolumne Rivers. In fact the confluence of these two rivers is on the claim. Both of these rivers are extremely gold bearing thanks to numerous gold sources. The South Fork of the Tuolumne runs through the claim 3/4 of a mile and the Middle Fork of the Tuolumne runs through the claim for 400 feet. Several patented claims lie just upstream along these rivers and just 1/4 mile upstream from the claim is where the rich Ancient Tuolumne crossed over the South Fork of the Tuolumne River millions of years ago. This ancient channel is credited for 25 million in production for the Big Oak Flat District in the 1800's. This region around Groveland is extremely rich and full of placer mining history. Also on the claim is massive amounts of bedrock and crevices perfect for sniping and metal detecting. Large amounts of gravels in spots on the claim as well for highbanking and sluicing. I tell you what when dredging comes back and it will, these deep pools will hold millions of dollars of gold, millions! Claim is secluded enough now to stick a dredge in :-). The Bedrock Paradise placer is an extremely rare claim worthy of a great investment for either mining or too hang on too and keep in the family for many years. The access road paralleling the river throughout the entire claim is pretty darn good, about half concrete and half gravel. There are a couple places along the road for a small travel trailer to set up camp. Thanks for looking at our mining claim listings!! Feel free to check out the claim and sample as needed. Please call 530-816-0451 or email if your having problems finding the claim. Gold Districts of California BIG OAK FLAT Location. The Big Oak Flat district is in the East Gold Belt of the Sierra Nevada in southwestern Tuolumne County. It includes the Groveland, Deer Flat and Second Garrotte areas to the east. History. This district was first mined shortly after the beginning of the gold rush by James D. Savage. It was named for an oak tree that had a trunk with a diameter of 11 feet. The placer deposits here were highly productive, those at Big Oak and Deer Flat having been credited with a production of $25 million. Lode mining began soon afterward, and continued steadily until World War 1. The town of Garrotte was renamed Groveland by later residents who replaced the name given in 1850, when a thief was hanged there. But a place to the cast, named Second Garrotte (after 1850) for a similar reason, has kept its 19th Century name. This area has prospered from tourist trade that originates along the Big Oak Flat road, which serves Yosemite National Park. The Hetch Hetchy Railroad, which was used in the construction of the San Francisco Water Department's Hetch Hereby Reservoir to the east, served the area for some years. Some lode mining was done in the district again in the 1930s, and there has been intermittent prospecting and development work at several mines since. Geology. The area is underlain by a northwest trending belt of schist, argillite, and quartzite of the Calaveras Formation (Carboniferous to Permian), intruded by several small granodiorite stocks and flanked on the west by amphibolite, slate, and serpentine of the Mother Lode belt. Ore deposits. A considerable number of north, northwest and west-trending quartz veins are found in both the metamorphic rocks and the granodiorite. The ore shoots usually are limited in extent, but often are rich. The ore contains free gold and often abundant sulfides, especially galena. Most of the veins are only a few feet thick. The surface placers mined during the gold rush were extremely rich. Mines. Bicknell, Champion, Contact, Criss Cross, Del Monte, Goodnow, Kanaka, Long Fellow $100,000+, Mack, Mississippi, Mohrman $40,000, Mr. Jefferson, National, Nonome, Red jacket, Rhode Island, Venus, Wide West. Excerpt from: Gold Districts of California, by: W.B. Clark, California Department of Conservation, Division of Mines and Geology, Bulletin 193, 1970. Why California ? The golden state is still riddled with gold and only 10% of California's gold has been found. Believe it or not but California is starting to permit mines due to there poor economy and there liberal agenda bankrupting the state, something has to give. Now it's starting!! Also the Trump affect is going to happen eventually making mines easier to obtain permits on federal mining claims. Not to mention Trump is thinking about selling some public lands and lifting the moratorium on patenting of mining claim in which the mining claimant would have first dibs at a reduced price either way. We can assist the buyer in permitting any type of operation placer or lode for an extra fee. This Area Is Very Secluded And Access Is Exclusively Provided To The Buyer Through A Locked Gate Seen Below!! A Good Area To Set Up Camp In Between The Two Huge Beautiful Waterfalls At The Confluence Of The Middle Fork & South Fork Tuolumne Rivers Seen Below!! Claim Specifics Bedrock Paradise Placer Section 29, Township 1S, Range 18E, Mount Diablo Meridian 76 Total Acres CAMC# 317192 Groveland, Ca The Bedrock Paradise Placer claim is located in an ideal location for both mining and recreation within close proximity approx. 13 miles to Historic Groveland, a real neat gold rush town. In Groveland there are awesome restaurants and old fashion gold rush hotels and bed and breakfast lodging well preserved. I love spending time in Groveland, friendly people like minded conservatives. Try out the oldest bar in Ca the Iron Door Saloon, Cafe & Genral Store, their food is really good too. Yosemite National Park another cool area to check out is only 26 miles east of Groveland on Highway 120. Historic Main Street In Groveland Historic Groveland Hotel Really Nice Place To Stay Yosemite National Park Just 26 Miles East Of Groveland Bedrock Heaven Placer Claim Map GPS Coordinates GPS Coordinates are a bit tricky on this claim but we can provide coordinates to potentially buyers, Thanks!! Access Road Traveling Along The River Throughout The Entire Claim Seen Below!! Driving Directions From Groveland, California go east on Highway 120 towards Yosemite for 13 miles and turn right at the Rainbow Pool sign just before the bridge crossing the South Fork Tuolumne River. Continue on this Rainbow Pool loop going past the pools and just after crossing back underneath Highway 120 you will see a good road and gate on your left. This gate provides access to the claim. We have a lock on the gate and the new owner will be provided a key. Perspective buyers, please walk down and feel free to sample the claim otherwise serious buyers can arrange a site visit with us to drive down through the gate and see the claim. Feel free to sample as needed. If you need help finding the claims feel free to call 530-816-0451. As Always Thanks For Viewing Our Mining Claim Listings!! Good Luck & Enjoy !! Payment Details Payment Options: This is a "Buy It Now" or best offer listing. However we urge you to submit all offers and we will try and work around your budget. Thanks!! Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, direct bank deposits and wire transfers. Shipping Details Eureka Mining Inc., requires no document transfer fees or shipping costs. All paperwork and transfer fees is our pleasure. Additional Information About Eureka Mining Inc., Eureka Mining Inc., is a full service mining company based in Yerington, Nevada. We specialize in placer & lode mining and selling quality mining properties, both patented and unpatented and can provide mining equipment for both recreational and commercial prospectors. We have over 20 years of combined experience in California & Nevada's colorful placer and lode Mining Industry and are currently setting up commercial operations in Nevada County in the Red Dog Mining District. The material is derived from the Tertiary Yuba Channel and is also known as the Blue Lead Channel that extends into Sierra County. We will be mining and estimated 3 million yards of bulk material from the Ancient Channel using chemical free gravity separation to extract precious mineral values. The scope of the project is 50 years with reclamation running concurrent to the mining activities. We are an environmentally safe mining company practicing environmentally friendly mining strategies. During our mining activities we will be ridding the land of harmful waste left behind by earlier miners, such as Mercury, Lead, Iron, and other contaminants from the ground and ground waters of California. Eureka Mining Inc., so remember from dredges to trommels we can help you obtain the right equipment for your property needs, at affordable prices. So feel free to call us today at 530-816-0451 with any questions about our claims or equipment being offered for sale on ebay, or schedule a site visit at our mine. Thanks For Your Time !! additional pictures Click any picture to see it full size navigation Feedback Profile Other Auctions

  • Seller State of Residence: California
  • Property Address: Rainbow Pool Loop Road
  • State/Province: California
  • Type: Mining Claim
  • Acreage: 76.0
  • City: Groveland
  • Zip/Postal Code: 95321
  • Zoning: Mining Claim