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130 Acre Turn Key WV Mountain Top Farm 20 Head of Cattle & Fully Furnished House


Location: Nicholas County, West Virginia

Shipping: TBD

Time Left: 12d 23h 27m


Pristine 131 acre turnkey mountain top conservation farm, currently in use with cattle. Cattle herd and winter hay crop are included with sale.This farm property only requires people and farm implements, it is currently an active running farm. Farm has been operated by one family for 70 years.Present house built in 1960House is fully furnished from beds to silverware, rider mower, cord wood etc.3 bed, 1 bathWood and electric heat.Municipal county water and artesian well water supply for house.6 out buildings: 2 car garage, cattle barn with hay feeding stations and hay loft/storage, an electrified concrete block storage building, a traditional root cellar, an artesian well house, and wood shed.Approximately 40 acres of pasture and hay fields, with fencing and gates, suitable for sectioning off various pasturing to facilitate the rotating of grazing and access to water, calving etc., including woodland pasture sections for cattle during heat of summer. The watering stations are placed as to permit the minimum of travel for cattle regardless of their location in pastures. Unique property and attributes of this farm lend itself to a variety of uses.4 sources of water, artisan well, municipal water is co-op county run, (1 cattle water station is hooked into co-op), 2 hydraulic springs, 2 spring fed ponds. One spring supplies cattle water trough through an enclosed pipe system, 2nd spring is reserved as conservation source, county provides owner with a yearly stipend for conservation and upkeep. There are 4 cattle watering stations, 2 are pipe fed with shutoffs from 2 spring fed ponds, and 1 plumbed direct from separate spring. County co-op supplied watering station is located inside barn paddock. Ponds are stocked with fish. Currently the balance of land not used for livestock is in timber. As of it's last selective cutting 50 years prior, it has been managed for hard maple. There are a number of other hardwood species present in various quantity organic to this boreal forrest at this altitude and weather: hickory, 4 species of oak, sugar maple, poplar. Timber was cruised 2 years ago, estimates of value, depending on market values, range from $195,000 to $250,000 in standing timber. This is a very well maintained and pristine piece of land. It has also been awarded conservation farm status.The source of hydralic springs is the mountain top aquifer the land sits upon. The fencing is of first rate condition, always maintained. To the north and south, this property is buffered by thousands of acres of paper company timber land. The small surrounding neighborhood is a mountain rural farm based, hard working community. County based school system with rural bus routes. Altitude at farm is 3000ft. Hunting, trapping, and fishing is superlative. There is a very nice tree stand in a section of wooded pasture. A system of jeep/side by side trails provide full access to most of the land. A number of sights along trails minimally cleared and graded for forest cabins. Being this is a mountain top ridge line, it is about near perfect conditions for alternative wind/solar off grid systems. There is a number of beautiful potential building sites for alternative home locations.Taxes are approximately $1000 a year.The timber potential provides a considerable re-coup on investment.The cattle herd providing a sustainable source of organic grass raised beef.There is a garden spot fenced and gated with a water source. Large enough to provide for a 6 person family.Cattle corn crops of 2-4 acres have been rotationally planted in various pasture and hay fields incorporating the fence and gate layout to keep cattle from feeding on it.The growing season begins in march and continues till first frost of September, suitable years can provide 2 growing seasons. The annual rainfall averages 47 inches a year.2 hay cuttings are mormal, with up to four depending on a particular years weather. Cattle Herd consists of 20 proven brood cows, no heifers, Angus/Limousine cross with Guernsey milk stock to provide high volume milk to calves.1 Angus/Limousine cross bull, 3 year old.1st rate healthy beef cows, all shots and vaccines. Herd has been entirely bred and raised here over the family life of this farm. Note added 8-28:This farm has been awarded a West Virginia Dept. of Agriculture grant for an enclosed feed pad. Designs are currently approved for a 40ft x 100ft enclosed from weather free span, concrete floor structure. Structure designed with 8x8 wood posts, double truss roof spans, metal roof, enclosed on sides with access on ends, to be built alongside existing hay barn. This is a $100,000 partial agricultural grant that is a legacy structure attached to farm complex regardless of title owners. Once constructed by default is free and clear from liens, stipulations or any clauses other than it is a legacy structure belonging to the farm itself. This is a true turn key working, move in, sustainable, fully functional family conservation farm property, with good neighbors, in a safe, lush, pristine piece of America, If your interested in a working farm, or a rural retreat, it doesn't get much better than this. Price is negotiable contingent upon options of cattle and timber rights being retained or left to current property owner. Veiwing can be arranged with full tour using a side by side ATV so as to inspect all land features at any time suitable to interested parties. This is a wonderful piece of land. There are features and characteristics which can only be appreciated 1st hand.A brief guided tour of the community can be so included if interested. 12/16/17 Update: FYI, I'm selling this for a friend, I am not a commercial broker. Of late interest and parties interested have increased considerably. If you have a notion of owning this beautiful property I'm giving you a heads up, as it may sell soon if activity is an indication. I'd hate to see someone who wants to live on this great farm loose out. Our hope is it goes to someone who keeps the legacy nature of it going. Thanks!

  • Seller State of Residence: West Virginia
  • Property Address: Nicholas County
  • State/Province: West Virginia
  • Type: Homestead Farm Large Acreage
  • Zoning: Rural Farm Mountain Top
  • Acreage: 131.5