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Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

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WESTERN BACKROADS LAND & MINING COMPANY"Proud to be the longest seller of Mining Claims on Ebay" PROUDLY OFFERS AN EXCEPTIONAL 20 ACRE UNPATENTED OREGON PLACER MINING CLAIM IN AN AREA OF EXTENSIVE MINING IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA'S BEAUTIFUL JOSEPHINE COUNTY GOLD COUNTRY ! For those who do not read the entire ad: This is a "Down Payment" Auction!Price of this claim is $2995 minus your down payment bid! Located right on the Oregon Caves Highway 11 miles east of Cave Junction is the Sucker Creek placer mining claim. Sucker Creek, has long been known by local miners and prospectors as one of the best gold producing rivers in Oregon. Many large nuggets, one larger than 15 pounds,have been found on Sucker Creek. Many other nuggets larger than 5 pounds have also been found here. This is an exceptional mining claim on a smaller (year round) river which allows you to get right down to the bottom of the river where the gold is during the summer and fall months. Please Note: The pictures I took for this ad were taken rightafter a recent heavy rain and are not representative of the waterlever during the peak of prospecting in the late summer and fall. Typically, the water level of Sucker creek is 1/2 to 1/3 what is shown in the pictures. In the late summer, one can easily andsafely wade and prospect the river in all areas. This great mining claim is located right on Cave Junctionhighway, and unfortunately, there are no real good areason the shoulder of the highway that allow you to camp with an RV or Motor home right on the claim. But thereare several turnouts large enough to park your vehicle. For those who wish to camp overnight however, GraybackCampground, which is one of the nicest campgrounds in Oregon, is located only 1/2 mile from the southern end of the claim. Besides prospecting, there is so much to do in this area...... world class fishing on the Rogue River, rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and is only an hour from the Oregon and California Coast and Redwoods. BEFORE YOU BID!! Please realize that almost 1/3rd of Ebay mining claim buyers LOSE THEIR MINING CLAIM within 2 yearsbecause the person they purchased their claim from, offered themno instruction on how to submit their yearly mining claim paperwork! Please be aware that purchasing an unpatented miningIS NOT like purchasing private land! Because these claimsare located on Federal Lands, the land itself is owned by theGovernment. Because of this, ALL owners of unpatentedmining claims must submit yearly paperwork and fees to keeptheir mining claim active, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!! These fees and paperwork are typically due before September 1st of each year! We at Western Backroads HELP AND TEACH all of our great mining claim customers not only HOW to complete their miningclaim paperwork, but WHY they are submitting the specificforms related to their mining claim. We offer this service to ourcustomers through our westernbackroads.com website and bymaking ourselves available the entire month of August before the September 1st. deadline for questions our customers might have! We are the ONLY mining claim seller on Ebay who offers this free service!! And we've been doing it now, for over 13 years! The maintenance fee has been paid on this mining claim for the current 2018 mining claim year. The winning bidder will have the choice of filing either the maintenance fee waiver certificate "if they pay off the claim" before the September 1st, 2018 deadline, or pay the $155 maintenance fee for the upcoming 2019 claim year should they decide to keep making payments for the mining claim past September 1st. Once the claim is paid in full, you may "either" file the Maintenance Fee Waiver Certificate and Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work each year for a cost of$10 to the BLM and $26 to Josephine County for the 3 page Assessment Form.ORYou may pay the $155 Maintenance Fee to the BLM along witha $26 "Assessment Form" to Josephine County and nothave to work on your claim for the 2019 mining claim year.(this is recommended if you live a long distance from the claim) Please Note: All pictures were taken on the claim. BIDDING ON THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE "DOWN PAYMENT" OF THIS OUTSTANDING 20 ACRE PLACER MINING CLAIM.SALE PRICE OF THIS RARE MINING CLAIM IS ONLY $2995.00 YOUR DOWN PAYMENT BID WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE SALE PRICE WITH THE REMAINING BALANCE TO BE PAID AT $149.00 PER MONTH. WESTERN BACKROADS NEVER CHARGES DOCUMENTATION FEES!YOUR WINNING DOWN PAYMENT BID IS ALL YOU PAY UP FRONT. ABOUT THE CLAIM Claim Name: "Sucker Creek" ORMC# 174355 Location: Township 39S, Range 7W, Section 25 of the Willamette Meridian. Deed Type: Quit Claim (when claim paid off) Claim Size: 20 Acres ( Offset Rectangular..... 1/4 mile long by 1/8th mile wide) Property Taxes: approx. None Access: Access road (Cave Junction Highway) runs right through claim. Climate: This mining claim is located at approx. 2000 ft. so it can be prospected almost all year round!! Status of Claim: All fees and paperwork are paid and completed for 2018 mining claim year. No paperwork or fees due from buyer until Sept. 1, 2018 deadline. For your piece of mind, we gladly will help you with all future paperwork related to your claim. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT ONLY 15% OF THE GOLD IN THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN FOUND! US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY TERMS OF THIS AUCTION-PLEASE READ CAREFULLY You are bidding on the "DOWN PAYMENT PRICE" of this unpatented mining claim! The full sale price for this claim on terms is $2995.00 Winning bidders down payment bid will be subtracted from the $2995.00 sale price with remaining balance to be paid at $149 per month, 0% interest until paid off. You are bidding on "100% ownership" of the entire 20 Acre unpatented mining claim. Once payment has been made, we will send you a map of claim, and GPS coordinance to the claim so you can immediately begin prospecting your claim!! This is the "Sucker Creek" Mining Claim (ORMC# 174355). Once claim is paid in full, we will file all necessary paperwork with the BLM and Josephine County to transfer mining claim to your name. Winning bidder will please respond to seller within 24 hours of end of auction with full name, address and PHONE NUMBER, and indicate method of payment and when payment will be made. Payment is required within 3 business days of close of auction. Payment can be made by PayPal, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Personal Check. A simple Contract for Mineral Rights will be sent to buyer to sign when down payment clears. (Quit Claim deed if paid in full). Bidders with negative (-1 or more) feedback are blocked from bidding on this auction. Please ask any questions about this claim or auction "before" you bid. Don't miss this chance to own "your" piece of the American West! ABOUT UNPATENTED MINING CLAIMS Many questions you might have can be found below. An "Unpatented Mining Claim" means you own the "Mineral Rights" to the land and NOT the land itself. The land itself, is still owned by the Federal Government. You are allowed to prospect the surface material of your claim including panning, sluicing, dry washing, metal detecting, and rock hounding for all precious metals and minerals (not just gold).As with ALL UNPATENTED MINING CLAIMS on Forest Service land, you must file a "Plan of Operation" for any extensive mining operations beyond casual prospecting with the U.S. Forest Service. All paperwork and fees are current. We will gladly assist you in all paperwork required by the Bureau of Land Management and Josephine County. You may not sell "sand and gravel" from your claim, only precious metals and minerals. Check with the Bureau of Land Management if in doubt. You may not build a personal residence of any kind. You cannot (at this time)"patent" this, or any unpatented mining claim. Which means, you cannot purchase the land from the Government for residential use. Mining claim "patents" have not been granted since 1992, and will take an act of Congress, (literally) to do so again. You may camp on your claim for two weeks if not prospecting, and you may camp virtually as long as you want if you are actively prospecting. Once again, check with BLM about extended camping related to prospecting. Once a placer claim is staked and filed with the proper agencies, it must be maintained on an annual basis. Proof that it is properly maintained must be filed with the appropriate County, and State office of the BLM on or before 12 noon, September 1st of each year. Mining Claims are considered "real property" and as such, can be sold, leased, and transferred to family members. As long as you complete your paperwork and pay your yearly fees on time, your mining claim CANNOT be taken from you. The owner of an unpatented mining claim may either, pay the annual $155.00 yearly maintenance fee or, perform a minimum of 1 day's worth of annual labor (Approx. 1 full days work) or improvements (EXAMPLE: Road improvement, clearing overgrown vegetation from access road, trash removal, etc....) on each claim by filing a Small Miners Waiver. You may file this waiver if you own 10 claims or less nationwide. (Check with the BLM for that fee amount.) Currently the yearly maintenance fee for a 20 Acre mining claim to the BLM is $155 plus a $26.00 "Assessment Form" filing fee to Josephine County. (If no maintenance work is done on your claim) OR The yearly small miners waiver & affidavit of labor is $10 to the BLM plus a $26.00 (3 page) "Affidavit of Labor" filing fee to Josephine County. (If maintenance work is done on your claim) LINKS TO SOME GREAT INFORMATIVE WEBSITES BLM GEOCOMMUNICATOR: A "MUST HAVE" FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN MINING CLAIMS AND FEDERAL LANDS IN GENERAL. http://www.geocommunicator.gov MINERALOGICAL DATABASE: ANOTHER "MUST HAVE" FOR ROCK HOUNDS http://www.mindat.org DMOZ MINING AND PROSPECTING BLOG AND WEBSITE DIRECTORY http://www.dmoz.org/Science/Technology/Mining/Prospecting/North_America/United_States/ IF CLICKING ON LINKS DOES NOT WORK, COPY AND PASTE TO ADDRESS LINE Please bid with confidence as our feedback rating is excellent! Happy Bidding!! MC# 18140 Please Note: All pictures were taken on the "Sucker Creek" Mining Claim.

  • Seller State of Residence: Oregon
  • Property Address: Cave Junction, Oregon
  • Zoning: Recreational
  • Acreage: 20.0
  • State//Province: Oregon
  • Type: Recreational, Acreage
  • State/Province: Oregon
  • City: Cave Junction
  • Featured Refinements: Mining Claim