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Location: Holden, Missouri

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Ex-Department of Defense military installation, below ground Minuteman II launch control center with support building on 9 acres in Missouri. Formerly Mike-01, 510th Strategic Missile Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base. DESCRIPTION OF LAUNCH CONTROL CENTER (LCC)- 35 feet below ground level- Temperature stays in the 70's year-round- Minimum 2K sq ft of space- Accessible by elevator shaft, catwalk ladder system- Has elevator but non-functional- 2 blast doors - EMP shielding- Escape tube- Large equipment room - 6 inch 100 ft hose to air pump for fresh air - 3 inch 100 ft hose to sump pump drains at ground level - 200 ft 110V electrical lighting installedAfter sitting dormant for 22 years, best descriptor it's dirty, the blast doors, ceiling, walls need scuffed and painted. Upside it's dry and deep underground. In the event of an emergency it could still be used as a shelter.DESCRIPTION OF LAUNCH CONTROL SUPPORT BUILDING (LCSB) - Move in ready- 4,136 sq ft- 5 Bedroom- 2 Bath- Propane heat- Large double door Fridge- Electric oven, stove, dishwasher- New wiring and several new fuse panels- New carpet (installed after photos)- New ceiling tiles- Internet available at this location- Laundry Room with hookups- Electric water heater- County water- 3 Phase 110V powers facility- Has a secure room to access LCC- Lockable metal cage over entry hatch to catwalk- Single garage (for outdoor equipment, mowers, etc.)- 35 Amp outdoor RV plug with water hookup in parking area- 12K sq ft of asphalt parkingAll of the appliances, toilets, sinks work.PROPERTY DESCRIPTION- 9 Acres- 6 ft chain link fence with barbed wire - 50 ft concrete Helicopter pad with lights and windsock - Zoned farming/residential.- The ICBM's this facility controlled when active were off-site miles away. There are no missile launch silos on this property. Big selling point. Missile launch silos may have soil contaminated from housing a missile, removing contaminated soil and taking it to a toxic waste dump can be expensive. Minuteman missiles were always miles away from the launch control center.LOCATION- Rural area- 3 miles from Holden, MO- 20 miles from Warrensburg, MO (shopping, restaurants)- 51 miles from Kansas City, MO- 74 miles from Kansas City International Airport (MCI)LEGAL- Clear title to property- Privately held- Records for work done to property- Records of permissions from State of Missouri to excavate elevator shaft*- Records of soil/water lab tests submitted to State, EPA, Air Force*When a Minuteman launch center is decommissioned, the elevator shaft is filled with tons of inert material then topped with a concrete cap. This property has deed restrictions that requires written notice and approval for excavations deeper than 2 ft.For more information on the deed restrictions, it is available at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website. This is the only privately held Minuteman launch facility in the U.S. with access to the launch control center. TERMS OF CLOSING: SOLD AS IS WHERE IS WITH NO GUARANTY OR WARRANTY IMPLIED. A ten (10) percent deposit of the closing bid will be due and payable to Sellers licensed Title Company in the State of Missouri within five (5) business days of the date of the closing bid. A two (2) percent discount will be deducted from the final sales price on the day of closing for Buyer paying in full which will be due within ten (10) business days of the date of the closing bid. Buyer will be provided with a free and clear deed of the property upon my Title Company’s receipt of wire transfer. SELLER FINANCING OPTION: STRUCTURE AND BASIC REQUIREMENTS of Buyer: (1) For Seller to carry the note, Buyer is required to put down seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00) down payment towards final bid sales price WITHIN TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS OF CLOSE OF BID to sellers licensed Missouri Title Company in certified funds or wire transfer. (2) Seller will carry the first loan for the difference between the sales price and the down payment. The interest rate will be fixed interest at 5% for fifteen (15) years. Loan is fully amortized over fifteen (15) years at a fixed rate of 5%. (3) The monthly payment will be due the first of every month starting thirty (30) days after close of escrow listing Seller as lien holder. (4) Buyer must have a minimum FICO score of six hundred (600) with no open liens or active collection activity against Buyer to qualify for the minimum down payment and financing. For every point below six hundred (600) will require another $1,000.00 down. Example, a FICO score of 575, the buyer will be required to pay one hundred thousand dollars down ($100,000.00.) (5) Buyer must keep property taxes current. The taxes are approximately $1875.00. (6) Seller will not subordinate to another loan. (7) There will be a due on sale clause. (8) Seller will provide annual 1099 INT forms to Buyer. (9) All terms are not final until agreed to in writing by Seller and Buyer. (10) Cash is seller's goal, but trades would be considered in order to get there. For more information call 702.460.3862 Keywords: Missile silo, underground facility, hardened bunker, bug out shelter, fall out shelter, blast resistant, underground bunker. Mike-01, 510th SMS