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Jan.31 Full Moon/Blue Moon/Full Lunar Eclipse Spells you choose TRIPLE POTENCY!!


Location: Plover, Wisconsin

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Super Blue Moon/Blood Moon/Full Lunar Eclipse Triple Power Spell !! CAST 3 TIMES FOR YOU BEFORE WE RELEASE THE ENERGIES TO MANIFEST FOR YOU Lets learn about these massive vibrations this Blue Moon on January 31st A full moon in itself is a great time for casting spells,when the moon is full it increases the energy on the planet, and increases the power of the spiritual world and entities. People transform in essence with the power the full moon offers For grounded magicians who understand these forces and know how to handle them the Full Moon is a great time for Invocation,Summoning and conjuring. A Blue Moon is even more powerful because of its rarity. January 2018 we have a sky full of a super Blue Blood Moon.A Blue Moon occurs about every 2 and a half 3 years.A blood Moon is when there is a partial or total eclipse and a Super Moon is when the moon is orbiting close to Earths Atmosphere than usual.All events rare and POWERFUL but not sure humanity has experienced this energy and vibration occuring in one NIGHT Now that is so much energy your going to feel the shift if you are not feeling some now.EVERYONE WILL and we are here to tell you with ALL that energy this is the most powerful time you will ever find in your lifetime!!! This is offering you the most potent spell and astrological timing you will ever be able to take advantage of .I wouldnt pass this by. And on top of this we are offering a triple cast on this night !!Any 1 spell we will triple cast at our Ritual on the evening of January 31!!!! We leave any spell to you we can give some suggestions below but any spell you need just ;let us know after purchase . After you purchase we will send you an email asking some questions answer these and send back in same email. Love ( any love spell) Bring soul mate or twin flame to me Bring back a lover Break them up Revenge Become Psychic (open 3rd Eye ) Great one to order at this time Money come to me ( give us the amount you need) Prosperity Business Travel Spell Good Luck ( if your luck has disappeared ) Gambling Spell Health Change eye color Lust ( Bring many sexual partners ) Happy Home The spells are endless and anything goes at this time . If you have any questions before a purchase please do not hesitate to ask we welcome them. All spells come with a free aura cleansing before the spell is cast . All spells we give 24/7 support after the work and work until you are happy. All spells take from few days to manifest.Some see results as early as a week some up to 3 moon cycles. Patience , positivity and good faith in the universal energies and the coven is helpful . We never leave our clients until they are happy . Although we cannot get the vibrations of this evening back if you see no results in 3 months we recast no questions asked. Our goal ?To get you happy and satisfied. Our Pledge. Ebay states you must be 18 years old to purchase this listing and any paranormal activity that occurs or doesnt occur we are not responsible for. All sales are final

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