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2015-2018 Ford F-150 OEM Remote Start Plug and Play. Zero extra wiring needed


Location: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

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2015-2018 Ford F-150 OEM Remote Start, completely Plug and Play. Works on key start and push start models. Takes as little as 5 mins to add OEM remote to you vehicle. It is then controlled by pressing the lock button on your key 3 times within 6 seconds. These also come pre-programmed to add the smart start module, cell phone app, which is also a direct plug in to the module. I will be putting the smart start module up in another listing soon. Tested and confirmed the 2018 will also work.Simply unplug your gateway module harness and add the module with it's t-harness in between the gateway and OEM harness, turn in ignition and wait for the module LED to turn green. Done.The F-150 is the easiest of all the vehicles to add to. The gateway is at the bottom of the dash and nothing needs taken apart to add this. As long as your vehicle has keyless entry and it shows that the hood is open when it’s open in your instrument cluster, the unit will work. Some XL models do not have a hoodpin. See the video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/JztVIhodrVsI will be adding several other video links here, as well showcasing out new t-harness, which will be version #3. Ours has a fuse holder to protect your vehicle should the unlikely event of a module going bad happen. I may also add that this unit is not like the convoluted EVO-ALL style system which requires lots of extra wiring that some other sellers are trying to pawn off on unsuspecting buyers. These are plug in and go. ** I've had to add this note due to returned harnesses with damaged pins. When plugging the harness in it is a tight fit, you can not force it in, this will guarantee that the system doesn't program correctly or will not work properly. Any bent pins will result in a loss of connection on the vehicles canbus network. This loss can result in loss of some vehicle functions while the t-harness with bent pins is in the vehicle.** instead of forcing it in, wiggle while pushing it in. Almost every single issue with a non functioning system is that the gateway connection is not complete and the plug is not fully seated. This is single most common issue. Feel free to sand the sides of the gateway plug on the t-harness to make it easier to plug in if you want. If you are having trouble, call in with your transaction number and our tech will help. 724-971-1833.

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