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12 BOTTLES of Stanadyne 38565 Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive 16oz



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12 BOTTLES - 16 oz each Stanadyne Performance Formula One Shot #38565 Individual Bottles Treats 60 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle Clearly, the most comprehensive, multi-function diesel fuel additive available is Stanadyne Performance Formula. It is the only additive that addresses virtually any diesel fuel-related problem with one product, and is the only one that is:Made by a fuel injection equipment manufacturer.Approved by several OEMs.Proven to perform best in independent testingThe premium, all-season, all purpose diesel fuel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem.Approved by many OEMs including GM, Ford, Deere & Navistar.Meets Cummins L10 Superior Test for cleanliness.Performance Formula Features:Cold Weather Protection - reduces #2 diesel fuel pour point by up to 40°F (22°C) and cold filter plug point by up to 25°F (13°C), depending upon base fuel.Hot Weather - lubricates and cetane improver help when fuel is hot and "thin".Increases Horsepower - with up to 5 point cetane gain, resulting in better acceleration, power, etc.Improves Fuel Economy - independent tests have shown up to 8% improvement in MPG.Easier and Faster Start-Up - in cold weather, when fuel can gell or very hot conditions, when fuel viscosity is low.Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions - helps pass smoke-meter tests.Cleans and Protects Injectors and Other Components - detergents and deposit modifiers help remove varnish and other deposits to prevent plugging.Cleans and Protects Injectors and Other Components - detergents and deposit modifiers help remove varnish and other deposits to prevent plugging.Reduces Wear of Expensive Fuel Systems - lubricants protect against effects of low sulphur fuel.Upgrades and Stabilizes Fuel - no need to buy expensive "premium" or blended fuel. Keeps fuel fresher and reduces sludge.Upgrades and Stabilizes Fuel - no need to buy expensive "premium" or blended fuel. Keeps fuel fresher and reduces sludge.Helps Remove Water - special water demulsifier causes tiny water droplets to come out of suspension/emulsion, so the filter/water separator can be more effective.Alcohol Free - avoids corrosion and accelerated wear.How to Treat - add before filling.Storage - room temperature recommended. Size"One Shot" 16 Oz. Note All Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives can be blended with each other and "double-dosing" is not damaging - although it may not provide twice the benefit. Where engine and vehicle OEMs have approved Stanadyne, most of them recommend Performance Formula, which should be used year-round to ensure protection against fuel related problems.Which Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive Is Right For You? PERFORMANCE FORMULA®PERFORMANCE WARM WEATHER FORMULA®WINTER 1000® FORMULAINJECTOR CLEANER® FORMULALUBRICITY FORMULA™Wax Modifier-Pour Point Depressant Lowers temperature at which fuel will pour by up to 40°F (22°C) Wax Dispersant (patented) Keeps wax crystals evenly distributed throughout the fuel Alcohol-Free Avoids harmful corrosion and accelerated wear caused by alcohol use Freeze Depressant Lowers freeze-point of water in fuel Deposit Modifier Softens hard deposits allowing for their removal. Meets Cummins L10Detergent Cleans existing soft deposits and prevents additional deposit build-upLubricant Coats internal parts of fuel system to allow better fuel flow and less friction Corrosion Inhibitor Protects fuel injection parts from rust and corrosion Water Demulsifier Causes water to come out of emulsion/ suspension so Filter/Separator can remove it Anti-Oxidant Fights formation of corrosion and rust. Keeps fuel fresher Cetane Improver Improves power, reduces emissions, faster start-ups, smoother idling and acceleration Highly Concentrated Lubricant For use in fuels with very poor lubricating properties Treatment Ratio1:5001:5001:10001:4001:1000Stanadyne diesel fuel additives provides cold and hot weather protection; increase horsepower and improved fuel economy; lubricates and reduces wear of injectors and other critical components; cleans and prevents deposit buildup; reduces smoke and particulate emissions; helps remove water; fights rust and corrosion; and upgrades and stabilizes fuel, among other benefits. Stanadyne's expertise in diesel fuel systems is reflected in the company's line of diesel fuel additives, designed to address all major common fuel related problems such as cold weather operability, low sulfur lubricity, hard starting/low power, as well as helping remove water and prolonging the effective life of diesel and gasoline fuels. Stanadyne is the only fuel system manufacturer in the world to market its own range of diesel fuel additives. It is the only independent diesel fuel additive brand tested and approved by many of the world's leading engine and vehicle manufacturers. In addition, independent testing has shown Performance Formula® to be the best diesel fuel additive available. Experts in diesel service recommend Stanadyne diesel fuel additives. Stanadyne diesel fuel additives are the only ones in the world that are: Made by a fuel injection systems manufacturerTested and approved by major diesel engine and vehicle manufacturersProven to perform best in independent testsStanadyne diesel fuel additives protect and improve the performance of all diesel fuel injection systems, including: High pressure common railUnit InjectorsRotary distributor pumpsIn-line pumps

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